Spring Training 2012

It's officially here people - Spring Training has started and almost everyone has shown up. The big leaguers have been here for a while (games started yesterday), minor league pitchers and catcher s start tomorrow (that includes me) and as always - hitters will be showing up fashionably late (they report the 9th). Baseball is in the air again and the worst part of the year (after the Superbowl and before Spring Training) is officially over. Finally there's baseball back on TV and everything seems better. The immortal question of, 'What comes first, baseball or the sun?' will once-again be pondered by every fan of the double play and the gap double.

Like I said a couple months ago - my blog is once again gonna be updated now that baseball is back and I have some kind of structure in my life. I'll try to get the blogs up by the early afternoon here so that the east coast people can read it before it gets too late (I do know my target audience, after all), and I'll try to update it 4 or 5 times a week so y'all have something to do when you're "working". 

For those of y'all that are super perceptive (or actually even just good at memory and reading), I did indeed change the name of the blog - it's now Cole Cook's Dugout Chatter. I feel that's much more fitting and I also did that always brilliant thing of where I work a baseball-type saying into the title of my blog so it's kind of a play on words and people just assume there will be more of that high-brow twisting of language in the pros to come and they simply cannot keep themselves from reading on. Also, it makes sense cause if you've ever been to a game where I'm not playing you will hear me loud and clear across the diamond chirping at my teammates. 

There's not much to report so far here. I've been here since Monday, just getting my feet wet, throwing and lifting at the facility - making sure I'm as ready as possible for the next month in head of you. I feel really good right now, had a very successful offseason in my eyes - got stronger, looked after my arm, did some traveling, soaked up that life-giving SoCal sun and now I have my eye's on the prize. 

Thanks for tuning in for my grand re-opening as it were, more to come I promise you. Follow me on twitter, @C_M_Cook, shoot me an email with questions or comments colecook.soc@gmail.com, or comment of the blog itself. Have a good weekend, and Go Tribe!