A Week's Worth of TV

Monday -

1. Monday Night Football - that's so obvious. Unless it's like last week's game where no one cared about who was playing, monday night football is the best invention ever. It's like "Hey, I know that Monday's are the worst, so we're gonna give you the best part of the weekend as like a cherry on top of the turd that is Monday."

2. Dancing With the Stars - "oh but Cole....DWTS starts before MNF is over. How can I watch both?" Ummmm it's called a DVR cave person. Why don't you stop complaining and go shoot another Geico commercial? Also, DWTS is way better on DVR cause you don't have to watch them warm up and you can just skip to that annoying chick that was on The Hills and Hope Solo. No one else is worth watching - plus the judges will make you dumber.

3. Dexter - I know it's on Sunday, but I don't have Showtime out here, so I have to bootleg onto my brother's account and then watch it Monday. It's actually kinda nice, this way I can have Sunday night programming Monday afternoon (it's obvious I don't have a job isn't it?).

Tuesday -

1. New Girl - This show is hilarious, it's one camera so you don't get that horrible laugh track that makes me want to strangle small animals. Zooey (who spells their name like that?) Deschanel does a great job leading the cast, and they put the right kind of people around her so its not the most predictable thing in the world. It really does make me laugh, and even though it's a little contrived at the end with her always showing the other roommates how they can be better people in each episode, I tune in anyway. Plus - there's nothing else on Tuesdays - so I'm kind of in a bind.

2. Terra Nova - With DWTS and MNF both in the same time slot, I'm forced to watch this show on Tuesday afternoon thanks to Hulu. The first episode really wasn't that good, and secretly, I think Steven Speilberg is just trying to spend as much as he possibly can on each episode no matter what. But as a fan of cinema and production, I kinda have to watch it. Plus I can watch it at my own convince.

Wednesday - (this is when things start to heat up)

1. X Factor - Bring it. This show is the bees knees. It's the cat's pajamas. It's Luke Skywalker's dad. It's amazing sauce. On one hand, you get to see great singing - and for some reason even though not everyone knows how to sing, every human being has the ability to appreciate great singing and have it raise the hair on their arms. Also, you get to see Simon be really mean to people - which makes me feel better about myself.

2. Modern Family - This may be blasphemy, but MF might be the best show on TV right now. It's laugh out loud funny every single time AND, it can be really touching. It has one of the best top to bottom casts on TV, and with the way it's set up (having the three families be related) it will almost never run out of plot points and character development. Though it may run itself into the ground - by having the kids age so obviously and quickly, it may run it's course pretty fast.

Thursday - (best night ever)

1. X Factor AGAIN - yea, this show is on two times a week. Booya. On yo face hater. Also, I like when they ask the contestants what it would mean to win 5 million dollars, "Well, Bob, it would mean that I had 5 million more dollars. Any more brain busters?" I think journalists learn this question in the same class where they learn to ask "How do you feel about giving up the game winning home run?"  "BAD. I feel BAD."

2. THE OFFFFFICCCCEEEEE - Now, losing Steve Carell was really a sad experience for me. I'm still waiting for my dad to be able to work with him cause he is one of my all time comedy hero's. I understand why he decided to go a different way in his career, and the choice of replacing him with Ed Helms (Andy), is growing on me. This show is still my favorite show of all time. My parents never let me watch TV as a kid (they figured it would force me to read and play outside, not have a 5 nigh schedule by the time I was 22) so now, The Office is like part of my family.

Friday, Saturday I'm usually out and about (watching movies, not doing anything fun) plus I don't think there are any shows on anyway.

Sunday is football. All day. No exceptions.

Well....one exception. I had to stop watching yesterday cause every hilight was one of my Dad's players scoring a touchdown, while all of my players were apparently taking the day off. Being down by 50 in fantasy ruined my Sunday - that's a fact, that's out there now. Maybe Forte will pick up the 48 points I need to come out victorious. That happens? .........right? ....right......?