Captions to my Life

I was looking through my phone today and I started looking back at all the different photos I had taken since I first got it in Spring Training. Some of them are just stupid, most are just funny things to text my friends, and some were twit pics. I still thought putting some of the best ones up here and giving y'all a caption for each one would be fun. So this is a little look into my life, all these picture were taken by or of me in the time between Spring Training and now.

This was taken at a shop in a mall near the facility in Arizona. It's the worst sign ever made. Still, I am happy we don't have to do that messy "birth" thing anymore - we can just buy kids at the mall like everything else. I think there's a pretty solid return policy on them too.

ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!?! They have an entire store of Lego? That's a thing now? Nick Bartolone and I came dangerously close to buying something (cause we're grown ups) but the Indiana Jones scene we wanted was three hundred dollars....I guess that's how they can have a store now.

If you look really hard at this picture, you will see a very well disguised man in the middle of the frame. He's behind the trashcan, doing a running man pose. 
This is what you get when I get a box full of all black Under Armour cold gear and give Nick the camera. *Not on film is Kyle Blair (who was all in navy blue) and I have a super hero battle in the clubhouse.*

BANDIT BUNNNNNYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!! This is my sidekick when I fight crime in my super hero outfit. It turns out that because it was all black, I was actually a super villain. Bandit Bunny and I do a "rob from the rich, give to the poor" type gig.

What up "Sons of Guns"? You aint got nothing on an all-out, apartment-wide, nerf BATTLE with no rules. There's also no way to really get anyone 'out', so we would just shoot each other a lot. Extra points were for making someone mess up while playing video games, or spill their drink. We also had Wild West shootouts.

I now understand why I only paid $5 for this steak. Boy am I gonna be full after this "Man vs Food" experience. 

This is how you say, "Were not gonna play tonight" in radar.

I'm not sure what is worse - the fact that his loved ones didn't stop this kid from putting what I think is a Nike swoosh in the side of his head. OR, that he's breakin his obvious Nike contract by rocking the Under Armour pullover. What a rookie.

Kids at home: this is why you don't miss middle-in. The ball comes off the bat a heck of a lot harder than it went in, and your glove simply isn't quick enough. Luckily, I had my ribs there. Great.

What do you get when you add:
A 10:30 am check out
A 3:30 pm bus
Cole Cook
Nick Bartolone
Chuck E Cheese
And $20 worth of coins?

A 50 cent foam rocket thing. 

Nick did not feed the deer. 

The person at the store wasn't happy when I said I had no interest in buying it, I just wanted to take a picture. But seriously, just a wad of chocolate? Don't they have Hershey bars anymore? This thing look like it got saran wrapped in the back this morning.
Nick called it a "Chunk O' Choc" - I think he should pitch that to Cindy.

Oh ya. It's real. Don't look at this picture too long - you WILL go blind.

From awesomeness...not cause it's so ugly. Stop being a jerk.

Couple things -
1. A Cedar Rapids person actually did make me measure myself cause he thought I was too tall, bet that doesn't happen every day. And as you can see - I'm the size right before "Hagrid".
2. I need to get in the sun more. Like a LOT more.

That's all for today folks. Enjoy your weekend and show your friends. Follow me on twitter (!/C_M_Cook) and Nick on twitter (!/NickBartolone), he's to blame for much of this hijinx.

If you have any questions or comments or whatever email me at

Have fun out there