Why Sunday's are Better

Today is the third week of College Football - and for most of my friends it's very exciting day. They're routing for their alma mater or cheering for their hometown college, some have money riding on the games, and it seems everyone is in some kind of grudge match with someone else in the clubhouse.

Then there's me. I sit quietly in the corner, joining in the conversation when I can with remarks like, "Oregon's uniforms are sick." "My buddy plays for Cal." "I wonder if fans are going to bring 'Go Tigers' signs to the Clemson vs. Auburn game." This is basically the extent of my contribution to College Football, because frankly I just don't like it.

Now - that might be hard for some of you guys to hear. I have friends that bleed college colors (which always makes me think of someone actually bleeding Blue and Gold and how awesome that would be) but I never got the bug. I just find the whole dance so boring - and the climax is such a let down. All these teams play a full season only to have two get randomly picked (meanwhile fans from 2 or 3 other schools talk your ear off about why they should have got a shot) to play in the BCS Championship. I find the whole thing to be a long time coming for not much payoff.

That's not the only reason I'm not a college football fan I actually have a couple reasons that I barely watch TV on Saturday, but come Sunday I'm glued to the screen (not literally - that would be as absurd as bleeding blue and gold).

1. Age and Talent
This may seem trivial to some of you. But when I think that some of these players were at Prom 6 months ago, it just makes me lose interest. Not to say they're not talented, or that they're not going to be very good players in the future. But I like to watch sports where people are competing at the highest level - for this same reason, the NFL network couldn't fool me with that Canadian Football crap when the lockout was on. I don't know much about football,  but I do know that when one team is winning by 50+ points - it's no longer good competition.

2. Lack of a Personal Team
This may be the most compelling reason of them all why I don't like College Football. I have no team to follow. I don't care about ANYONE who is playing. My friends who were part of big college programs or went to school at a powerhouse have a deep connection with that place and this makes the games interesting. I went to a school that sold shirts that read "Pepperdine Football - Still Undefeated" (you can't lose if you don't have a team). Also, I wasn't raised routing for a team - it just wasn't part of the family sports experience. Dad dropped out of NYU after a year to act and Mom graduated from Juilliard. Though Juilliard may produce some of America's best dancers - not so great with the contact sports.

3. The Fans are SOOOOOOO Annoying
I don't like being persecuted for my beliefs. Now that is a can of worms that I won't dive too far into on this particular post; but the fact of the matter is that if you refer in the University of Minnesota as "the U"(which they do in Minnesota, and for the record, I think its ridiculous) in from of a Cain fan, you're getting an earful. While part of me admires the passion that these fans have, and I as an athlete, I wish every fan of every team had this kind of energy, I also find myself thinking, "Why are you yelling at me?" I don't like it when I'm at a bar and cheer for a good play and get yelled at from across the room to, "Shut the f*%# up" before he comes over and "kicks my blue bronco a*#". REALLY? Were gonna fight cause I said "Damn, that was sick" in reaction to an ESPN hilight?

4. NFL is just better
If you don't believe me I have only one word for you - FANTASY. Fantasy football is so awesome that it sparked one of the funniest shows ever (if you haven't seen the "The League" and you're a football fan then you're just stupid - it's instant on netflix). Fantasy football involves you in the game. So if you're from, say Los Angeles, and you don't have a home team you're still incredibly interested in the outcomes of the games because on Sundays NOTHING is more important than me beating my brothers girlfriend and then making fun of her for starting Arian Foster the first week - READ THE REPORTS ONE TIME. I love football, and I love watching it played by the best players in the world that are all fighting to get their team a PLAYOFF spot. And then, after a PLAYOFFS the two best in the league fight it out in the most watched television event in every calendar year.

That's it - that's all the venting I have on the subject. I also don't want to be misunderstood - every now and then a really good game comes before the BCS Championship and I'll be there as a football fan cheering on whoever everyone else is routing against (maybe theres a reason fans hate me). Tonight, for instance, I'll be at Buffalo Wild Wings watching the Oklahoma vs. FSU game. But come on, when Temple vs Penn St. is the game on ESPN I just sit there thinking, "What? Were Drexel and Penn busy?"