Listerine Commercial

Hey y'all, hope you guys had a solid weekend and that the excellence of your fantasy team made your opponent weep tears of defeat.

During my day of watching football yesterday, I saw this commercial and it just got me so tickled that I simply had to share my take on it with you guys. This is the commercial (hopefully the link or whatever works).

At first you think this will be just another boring mouth wash commercial - until you realize that Listerine is no ordinary mouthwash. Nooooooo, they have magical super heroes with hose arms that shoot plaque reducing awesomeness at your teeth. I'm not one to succumb to advertising usually, but if this really happens, then I'm going to the store RIGHT NOW.

If by doing the Listerine rinse thing, I will have a band of merry men running around my mouth in some kind of Silver Surfer/Synchronized Swimming dance, then I'm getting. Imagine if any part of this were real. Imagine if inside the bottle was a little man who would jump in your mouth and clean your teeth for you like some kind of OCD dentist, who WOULDN'T be using this stuff? 

On the other hand, are these gingivitis curing heroes self aware? By spitting them out after our minute of rinsing have I just killed 6 hard working people? That seams rather sinister, don't you think? Or is it simply the price I pay for fresh breath? Who knows -  maybe the mouth explosion was them blowing up? Either way, it seems like they have a terribly short life expectancy after leaving the safety of the bottle. 

Another thing - who was the guy who came up with this? Think about it - someone actually walked into a meeting with some story boards under his arm and pitched this to adults. I think what might have happened is he had a meeting right after with Cartoon Network for an "Osmosis Jones" spin off, but mixed up the cards and just ran with it. Seriously though, a grown up human thought it would be a good idea for there to be magical, (really ripped, even though they're made of liquid) man-things flying around your mouth, while they use their hose-arms to clean your teeth. Not only was that a real idea, but other people had enough confidence in it to make it a real commercial!!

I also like the fact that Listerine has decided that they don't need to be truthful at all during ANY part of this commercial. Is there any other product where you can do the same type of thing as this commercial? I wanna see Chevy come out with a Tahoe ad where the car is flying around while it's on fire, but thats okay, cause the guy who's driving isn't getting burned cause it's magic fire. Now THAT, is gonna win JD Power & Associates truck of the year!

That's all I have for you guys today. Seeing this commercial took me down a rabbit hole of possibilities in my head, and I thought I'd share...cause that's why I have a blog.