Hello there - this is my blog. You can tell cause it's at blogger.com

Alright - here goes. The dive into blogging. Did you see that? I put blogging in italics so when you read it you might read it in a different kind of voice - that's the kinda stuff I'll be doing on here. Exciting isn't it?

Lets get down to it: this is an attempt to fulfill a couple things in my life - 1. I love to write and now that I don't go to school anymore, I have less and less of a call to do so (140 characters on Twitter isn't satisfying my creative desires). 2. I like to involve people in my daily goings-on. Rightly or wrongly, I find I have a rather interesting life and a rather interesting way or looking at it, so I enjoy sharing that perspective with people. 3. I like to make people laugh, so as much as this is going to be about what goes on with my career with the Indians (I pitch in the minor leagues for the Cleveland Indians organization) this is also going to be about my perception of the big ol world.

A little bit about myself.
I never really know where to start when asked to describe myself. I've always found anyone worth knowing will have a hard time reducing their entire existence into a few hundred characters of a couple of lengthy sentences. When asked to describe myself, I usually find myself talking about the people closest to me - and today is no exception.

My dad is an actor (Peter Mackenzie, look him on IMDB) and so I've grown up in LA. I've been around sets my whole life, and the only thing I've ever loved even close to the amount I love baseball is the world of Hollywood. I love going to the set and watching my dad do what he does best. He's a great talent and the acting life is one that is very intriguing to me - plus he's damn funny and I learn a lot from him.

My mom is a writer, working on her first book now (a memoir about my grand mother's and brother's fights with cancer) and she has influenced my writing a great deal. To this day Mom maintains that my talents, while admirable, are misplaced on the diamond. She thinks I should be writing - but I like to remind her that while my mind will (hopefully) be working for years to come, my body has only so many years of professional athletics in it.

My big brother is at graduate school, learning to be a pscgolgist. He is one of the smartest and most grownup people I've ever met, and my confidant. He is my hero and many of my life choices are based solely on what Niles would think about a situation.

Finally, my little sister is an artist, and an amazing talent. She is starting her first year at SAIC (School of the Art Institute of Chicago) and basically she is a baller. I'm trying to get her to design my third tattoo, but she's dragging her feet because quite honestly she's not a huge fan of the idea of me getting a tattoo in the first place.

So that's me - in the best way I can describe myself. Maybe you learned nothing. Maybe you're a genius and are now able to see into the very depths of my soul from reading this blog. Who knows? This may not be the most eye catching or gripping first blog entry, but I wanted to give a jumping off point - from here on out I promise I won't bore you with my backstory too much.

If you're still reading at this point you either have way too much time on your hands or you're in a post apocalyptic state and you already burned all the books to stay warm. Either way - thanks for getting to the end.